Monday, May 6, 2013

Quite a Surprise

Season 3 of the Great American Fantasy League (GAFL) began today. I play in three fantasy leagues, but this one is the most involved of the lot. The other two are more or less conventional, with a draft at the beginning, the season running from the beginning of the regular season to the end of it. You pick your lineup any trading get players off the waiver list throughout the season, and those players determine your score. But in the Great American Fantasy League the 162-game season is played one game at a time, once a week. Each manager has a team of all-time great players from one team. For example, my team is the Texas Rangers, and it's composed of players who played throughout the life of the franchise. That is, it includes guys who played for the old Washington Senators from 1961-71. I got involved in this about 50 games into last season and the Rangers were terrible. If I recall correctly, they lost about 108 games. To say the least, it was a forgettable season.

But lo and behold, they open this season with a win. I just played the game today against the Seattle Mariners, and it was a beauty. Ranger pitcher C. J. Wilson pitched a complete game shutout giving up only three hits. The score was 4-0. I do hope that this is a harbinger of better things to come for the GAFL Rangers this season. The pitching staff has been improved, and I picked up a couple of new hitters who should improve the lineup. Will see how keep you advised as we go along how the Rangers are doing.
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