Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where Were You in '69?

Well, if you are as ancient as I, you were well aware of Elvis Presley--and had been aware of him for years, ever since he broke majestically onto the staid music scene of 1954 and soon became what he will always be: the King of Rock and Roll. So that means the accompanying video will probably be as astonishing to you as it was to me. I mean this Brit has got it down. If you are not quite the fossil at or near my age, but in a generation or two younger, you will be seeing the closest replication of Elvis I've ever seen. If you closed your eyes, the voice would be exactly right. And amazingly, this guy almost looks exactly like the real Elvis, dead now for 36 years. Especially in profile. So this is almost an educational video. And for the rest of us, just a delicious slice of nostalgia.

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