Saturday, May 19, 2012

What? . . . You Can Read ? . . . You're Hired!

Stumbled across this little piece a bit ago. The bottom line is employers think a person's ability to communicate is pretty important when they are looking to hire somebody. In fact, it's number one on their list. Not surprisingly, graduates in the liberal arts who are steeped in reading and writing fill the bill quite nicely. And my guess is, they will continue to and become even more important as the general population continues its slide into helpless illiteracy, drooling stupidity, and terminal cluelessness.

Here's a snippet of the good words:
Thirty percent of surveyed employers said they were recruiting liberal arts types, second only to the 34 percent who said they were going after engineering and computer information systems majors. Trailing were finance and accounting majors, as only 18 percent of employers said they were recruiting targets.

"The No. 1 skill that employers are looking for are communication skills and liberal arts students who take classes in writing and speaking," said Dan Schawbel, founder of Millennial Branding and an expert on Generation Y. "They need to become good communicators in order to graduate with a liberal arts degree. Companies are looking for soft skills over hard skills now because hard skills can be learned, while soft skills need to be developed."
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