Thursday, July 3, 2014

Colbert on Birth Control

Here is the link in case the embed above doesn't work for you. They can be squirrelly sometimes.

Sometimes the only way to deal with the idiotic logic-chopping the Supreme Court majority (the four cavemen plus Kennedy) uses to shackle the corporate state upon us further is to mock it beyond the limits of credulity. Because that's what some of these decisions are: beyond the limits of credulity. I'm speaking right now about the Hobby Lobby decision which now allows corporations to have religious objections to facets of the law. It's a way of letting them to selectively decide what portions of a law, in this case the Affordable Care Act, they want to follow. Of course, the corporation has this right, but all those employees who may not have the same religious objections, don't have it. Here's a story about the SC decision in the case.

Colbert takes a swipe at the foolishness by skewering the whole argument against contraception paid for by the government. It's great stuff. He is really blasting the court for its decision, but the Court isn't mentioned once. This is deeply funny.
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