Thursday, March 27, 2014

Love Stuff Like This

Here's the article. Ran across this site in my travels today and was immediately intrigued. For a couple of reasons. First because I simply love stuff like this about language, words, and how they came to be. And second, I'm old enough to have been around when these phrases were not in danger of going obsolete. Which  of these phrases are a mystery to you? I knew them all instantly, except the very first one, which I never did know because I'd never heard it before.
  1. The Rabbit Died
  2. Drop a Dime
  3. Don't Know Shit from Shinola
  4. You Sound like a Broken Record
  5. More ____ than Carter Has Liver Pills
  6. Don't Touch that Dial
  7. Film at Eleven
  8. One Lump or Two?

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