Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Wise Friend

I think he's about ten times smarter than I, at least. He goes by the monicker "Montag" and he's been blogging here for a number of years. His stuff is so meaty, that I have to confess to having to be in the mood to read him. For example, if I'm just tired of thinking, I don't go get rejuvenated at Montag's place. I guess this is a confession to checking in with him far less frequently than I ought. But every time I do, I'm really glad. Because I run across stuff like this all the time. Thanks, Paul.
Plato made the distinction between opinion and knowledge and that is pretty much the same as hypothesis and fact.

Since I do not conceive of God as an hypothesis, God is not subject to belief in my way of looking at things. God cannot be proven to be false. Hence, I do not believe in God, as I say, but I expect God. I live with the anticipation of divine immediacy... on the edge...
I am not "one with God", but I am on the "verge of falling" into eternity.

We are all on the edge of eternity, in one sense or another. We shall all die, yet that reality does not make us live in terror, just as the immediacy of God need not cause us to act like desert anchorites or medieval mystics
I think this is what he's saying. God's for real and he's in there somewhere:

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