Thursday, November 14, 2013

Standing Your Ground

What a country we live in. Here comes another story of a black kid killed by a white guy apparently for the crime of . . . being black. This time it's a dead nineteen-year-old girl, shot in the face with a shotgun while standing on a guy's front porch. Her name was Renisha McBride. It's the middle of the night, around 3 in the morning. The shooter was one Theodore Wafer of Dearborn Heights, Michigan--that's the part of Detroit where all the white people live. McBride was legally drunk, over twice the legal limit of alcohol in her blood, which is probably why she wrecked her car, which is probably why she was seeking assistance by banging on doors in the neighborhood in the middle of the night. But is this a reason to get gunned down through a closed and locked screen door?

Picture what happens here: this distraught probably loud black teenage girl pounds at the door of a house. The owner, grabs his shotgun, doesn't call the cops, opens his front door and at some point . . . after how long? immediately? . . . blasts her in the face with a shotgun. Police find her dead on her back, feet pointed towards the door. The shooter has been charged with second degree murder, but Michigan has a "stand your ground" law. And the only witness is the white guy with the gun. 

How do you think this one's gonna turn out, brothers and sisters?

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