Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just So You Know . . .

. . . that pedophile Catholic priests aren't the only scumbags out there working full-time to give Jesus a bad name, there's this little tidbit about a so-called Christian leader taking a vacation with a male prostitute he hired online from an outfit called Rentboy.com. The dude's name is George Rekers, and he's professor of neuropsychiatry and behavioral science at Univ of South Carolina. And he's a cofounder with the Rev James Dobson of the Family Research Council. Dobson is a televangelist of the Pat Robertson-Jerry Falwell mold. Oh, and did I mention he is what could be described as right wing? And that he's also a prominent anti-gay activist, an outspoken proponent of traditional family values? Anyway, seems this associate of his, Rekers, who is cut out of exactly the same bolt of cloth, recently spent a ten-day vacation in Europe with a Rentboy, who, Rekers explained, he hired to take care of carrying his luggage since he had had surgery and could not do it himself. Didn't deny hiring the "helper" online.

Yeah, right! And if you will go outside and check the sky, you'll see a flock of pigs fly by. And while you're at it, click on the Rentboy link (nsfw and make sure the little ones are not around) and see if you can find luggage service anywhere.

The original Miami New Times story about this incident is here.

Update I: There's a little more graphic detail in this story. And some more laughs. Rekers says he realized the guy he hired was a prostitute half-way through the trip. Hmmm. However did he do that? Also, we're informed, Rekers is an authority of sorts on gays. The guy that accompanied this expert on gays to Europe is described thusly: "a 20 year-old Puerto Rican man whose description on RentBoy.com says he is 'sensual,' 'wild' and 'up for anything.' He then lists 'vanilla, leather ... shaving [and] spanking' among his fetishes and stripping and go-go dancing among his talents." It sounds more like a research trip to me.
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